How to fix app crashes in Android - Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped

For Samsung Galaxy phone owners it is usual to experience an error message flash up that reports the fact that `Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped`. Here are some tips on how to fix appcrashes and how to clean cache in Android.

What does it mean when an error like 'Unfotunately X has stopped' appears?

This error is explained by itself.

It denotes the fact that an app has crashed. The app can be restarted but you can experience the same error. This can be applied to many apps thet can turn troublesome.

'Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped' means that it refers to a software problem which can usually resemble the fact that you need to do a factory reset. It can solve the issue, but doing it mean you will lose some data and settings. Anyway, you can opt for uninstalling and reinstalling an app or simply clearing its cache.

How to fix app crashes in Android?

Firstly you will have to go into the Settings menu and select Application Manager. Click on the `All` tab and choose the app that causes problems. You will have to perform the following steps: Force stop, clear cache and clear data. After all this, you should restart the phone and everything should be ok.