Choosing your Google Fit apps

Google Fit is a recently launched health tracker, that is currently fighting with its competitor Apple Health for the top position. Google Fit helps you monitor all your health information in one place so you can see all the data stored by your wearable items with all the data stores by your favorite apps. Further you will read what apps are actually compatible with Google Fit.

The first step you should do is to read an essential guide named “Apple Health vs. Google Fit” where you can find most of the information you need in order to proceed with one or another.

It is true that Google Fit might have had a rough start, but now is a serious competitor for Apple Health. It is also important to know that a lot of great names in the health area are associated with Google Fit and a lot of new apps that appear on a daily basis are getting support.

The major Google Fit supported apps are:

Polar Beat – Is the perfect app to add your running and cycling information on your Google. That means that if you are using a Polar M400 or a Polar V800 you will be able to add the stored information to your device. For using this app you will obviously need a Polar device and further, you can get it for free.

Android Wear – As suggested, the Android Wear watches will be paired to your Google Fit. Depending on the type of watch you have you will be able to monitor the steps and running but also your heart rate and GPS. A tiny design watch will be able to store all these information even if your phone is at home. Besides the fact that for using it you will need an Android device, you can get the app for free.

Strava – A running and cycling monitoring app that could be named the best social fitness experiences considering that you can share with Google Play all the stored data. Moreover, you will be able to see all the information from your other fitness trackers in a single place.

Withings – A free app that is by all means compatible with Google Fit and can store a lot of data about your daily activities, sleep tracking and blood pressure monitor.

Runtastic – Runtastic can be named an “universal” app considering that is compatible with every app you can find on the market. It was easily and rapidly engaged in Google Fit.

Runkeeper – As the name suggests, Runkeeper is an app that keeps track of your logs together with the other Google Fit health and activity data.

Noom Coach – The app that is the closest thing to a fitness coach that you can have. It helps you with your weight loss and it is highly incorporated in the Google Fit platform so you will be able to see any data you need on the dashboard. You will be able to see the improvements of your looks and health within Google Fit.

Nike+ Running – Even if Nike had a rough start when it came to the partnership between them and Google, the company finally accepted the terms and updated the app to be compatible with Google Fit.

MapMyFitness – The app is currently fully integrated in Google Fit and it is a great asset for monitoring your runs and fitness improvements.

PlexFit for Pebble – A newly compatible with Google Fit app that keeps track of your running and biking activities.

MyTracks – An easy-to-use app that is using the GPS to store the data about the runs and walks you take such as speed, distance of elevation and turns them into information that can be shared via Google Drive and moreover you can get the app for free.